Honoring Heroes – A quick getaway in Keene

1094 B 17 Bomber, Collings Foundation Stillman Rogers photo 2017
United States; New Hampshire; Keene; Keene Airport; WWII Aircraft show; P-51; Mustang; B-17-G; built 1945; patterned after B-17 Nine-O-Nine

All day Tuesday (9/26) until 5 PM and Wednesday (9/27) 9AM to 12 noon, the Dillant Hopkins Airport in Keene, N.H., celebrates the air heroes of World War Two with a special air show of World War Two aircraft.

1128 P-51 Mustang, Collings Foundation Stillman Rogers photo 2017
WWII Aircraft show, P-51, Mustang, One of the great fighters of WWII

Four aircraft from the days of the Second World War are at the airport and are available for viewing and for riding. The show includes a B-17-G Flying Fortress, a B-24 Liberator, a B-25 Mitchell like the ones first used off an air craft carrier to bomb Tokyo in 1942, and a P-51 Mustang, one of the most celebrated fighters of World War II.

1098 B-17 A nose gunner's view of the world., Collings Foundation Stillman Rogers photo 2017
Nose Gunner’s view of the world in a B-17 Flying Fortress

These aircraft all belong to the Collings Foundation Wing’s of Freedom program. The admission fee is a mere $15 per person and it entitles you to climb into some of the bombers. The show also offers interested people the chance to take a flight in one of these historic aircraft and already several people have done so. Flight experiences in the B-17 or the B-24 are $450., B-25 flights are $400. If you want to fly the Mustang, however the price is steeper. It costs $2,200 for stick time in the P-51 or $3,200 for an hour flight.


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