A Getaways follow-up – Stratton Mountain

Our Friday visit to Stratton Mountain proved that perfect conditions can survive into spring where temperatures stay below freezing. But rising temperatures over the weekend meant that we had to see how Stratton’s snow would survive after a few warmers days.

The only way to test this, of course, is to get out on the trails again. Saturday and Sunday featured full sun both days and temps had climbed up to well above freezing during the day, although they had plummeted to freezing at night. Monday was a good day for a test.


Arriving at Stratton a bit after 10 AM a first glance at the slopes was encouraging. In the first place, there were far fewer skiers than there had been on Friday and there were virtually no lift lines. It was a ski-up-to-the-lift-and-ride sort of day. Even the gondola to the top was easy to access, virtually a walk-on with no wait.

The key to fine skiing is the snow conditions and grooming and there were no complaints at all about conditions. Monday at Stratton was the kind of day skiers call “a bluebird day” — the sky was a gorgeous blue and the snow on the trails was about as perfect as it can get. Practically every trail on the mountain was packed powder that had been beautifully groomed and maintained. Some of the narrower and shorter connector trails showed a bit of wear, but most of the major trails have substantial bases and continue to provide excellent skiing conditions.


Temperatures for the next several days are forecast to stay in a range that should keep trail conditions in the prime category. Until Friday, night temperatures will be below freezing and day temperature will moderate to below freezing. The possibility of snow or rain Friday and Saturday could change things but at least until then, this is the time to get out on a mountain. A short trip up Route 30 from Brattleboro, Vermont, could prove to be a late season treat.


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  1. franfolsom says:

    Great images of Stratton.

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